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Everyday mindfulness: Making sense of life, moment by moment

Everyday Mindfulness: Mindful Interaction & Connection

The people who are involved with LifeSherpa as readers and contributors come from many different backgrounds, such as:
- people who are trained in Focusing
- people who have a mindfulness practice
- practitioners in experiential forms of psychotherapy
- artists and creative people

What is it that brings us together? We are interested in living mindfully and creatively. We want to respond rather than react impulsively to what life presents us with. We want our life to make sense, but not just in an abstract way: We also pay attention to what feels right.

While we have different perspectives and different practices, there is one thing we have in common: We value mindful interaction and inner connection, and we literally make time for it in our everyday life. We pause.

This may just entail the slightest of pauses, barely noticeable if at all. It's just taking a tiny moment to interrupt routine. Most often, the "aha moment" is an ever-so-slight shift, not a dramatic change. It's not much, and it's a lot: We give ourselves a chance to have a fresh look at what life brings us, moment by moment. To have a sense of our own engagement in our own life. To be mindful rather than mindless.

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  Everyday mindfulness vs mindlessness
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