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We have a down-to-earth perspective on mindfulness and spirit. We see mindfulness as the ability to creatively ehgage with what we encounter in our life. And spirit as the ability to tap into an inner sense of what makes our life more meaningful and fulfilling.

There are articles, e-books, videos and other resources, including Self Coach Tools. See Mindfulness Resources under the right arrow at the bottom of every page.

In our blog / podcast, we share with you ideas as they come and evolve. Under the left arrow at the bottom of every page, see link to LifeSherpa Blog.

The blog features the following categories: Podcasts | First-person narratives (What Sustains Me) | Happiness (the mindful pursuit of happiness) | Inspirational thoughts | Making sense as an embodied process | Mindfulness practice in everyday life | Self-regulation, stress & resilience | Shared Field | Therapy | the flow of the implicit

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